Horse Thief Canyon

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After a number of years here on the river, we were able to stay at Horsethief Canyon this year. It is a nice spot with some great views looking across the grand expanse, north to Turks Head, Candlestick, the cliffs of the Green River Overlook with some nice rock alcoves and overhangs furnishing great shade spots. It is a very accessible canyon offering a variety of Anasazi “rock art” and natural exploration.

Upon our arrival we were able to “rock dock” our canoe under a cliff overhang that had a number of “shelves” and a small alcove, 12 ft. above water level that offered an easy and cool place to unload, setup our “kitchen”, chairs and enjoy two ice cold micro brews!

The sunsets here are breath taking. The sunset light across Candlestick, Turks Head, and the ridge that supports “Half-Dome” glows with a surreal light across this great and dynamic view from the river the the “Island in the Sky” with a depth indescribable.

l1100448l1100461Our “kitchen perch” proved to be precarious later in the evenings but quite enjoyable in the heat of the canyon sun.

We stayed here 3 days/2 nights.




Location:Horsethief canyon