Propane for our Stoves

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Our extended trips also require a need to carry propane/LP gas for stoves, heater, and fire pit. Most of these all natively connect to the small green propane canisters. Cost, storage, and recycling of these canisters had us researching the alternatives.

The following requirements had to be solved for our selection:

Storage Capacity, Location, Weight, Security and Saftey, Re-supply, Fuel distribution.

We decided that 2 x 10 gallon aluminum propane tanks mounted with locking stainless steel mounts inside the trailer tall-rack above the wheels on the rack mid “roll bar” would be the optimal location.

Our choice:

10 lb Aluminum Propane Tank – Worthington – Power Tank

PowerTank Propane Tank Bracket for 10 lb Aluminum Propane Tank

Connectivity to the tanks would be via a hose and quick connect system with adapters so all of our appliances would be able to leverage a traditional propane tank system.

Each tank has the ability to serve multiple 2-3 appliances using 3x quick connect junctions while consolidating our regulator requirements.

We will cover this setup on another blog.