4 Wheel Drive Motor Home…  Very cool

We found the perfect base camp for our explorations.  Many upgrades were done by the previous owner, all things we would have done ourselves if we would have built it.  We added Solar so that we can stay in remote places for a long time without the need to run the generator.

For more information on the latest updates, check out our RV Blog posts.

October 2016 – We tested a new update to our RV this trip.

Water is extremely scarce most places we like to explore and requires long trips to town to get more. We added a kit to our RV that allows us to use our grey water from showers and dishes as the flush water for our toilet.  This modification allows us to spend 3+ weeks in the same place without the need to dump our grey tank. It also required fewer refills of fresh water. Do be aware that we always use as little water as possible for everything, so you may not have the same results depending on your tank sizes. We wish we would have done this a long time ago!

We will be adding more detailed information on this modification and where you can get what you need soon!

October 2012 – 1st live test of solar panels

1st live test of solar panels – October 2012
1st live test of solar panels

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