Social Distancing At Its Best!

We spent the last two weeks of June in the back country, exploring new places and enjoying the best that nature has to offer. We took a bunch of video and photos and tried out a few new items in our “kit” along the way. We decided to limit the moving camp to every 2-4 days so that we could really experience the place we were and to also limit the need to go into town for anything, thus avoiding contact that was not absolutely necessary.

Our first camp overlooking Beef Basin had beautiful views and great sun, but 2 of the 3 days we were there had 20-40 mph winds. So we ended putting up the panels on our awning to block the wind so we could cook. It is usually windy here, so we set up away from the rim when we got there and took just our chairs to the rim when we wanted to enjoy the view. Of course the wind stopped the day we left.

June Camp 1

Camp 2 was about 50 miles away but it also had wonderful views overlooking Dark Canyon. We stayed here until day 10 of our trip.

June camp 2

On day 10, we were running low on water due to the hot temps and wind. We were drinking almost 2 gallons a day each and then more to cook and clean up. So, we decide to head to town to get some more water before moving on to our next camp. We chose a scenic “short cut”, with some spots a bit more technical than others and made travel slower. A beautiful road for sure, but it took us a “bit” longer than we expected.

People often look at us an say “yeah, looks nice, but I bet it can’t do real 4-wheeling”. I guess that depends on your definition. It gets us where we want to go. We’ll let you decide.

Once we got water and topped off the gas, it was too late to top off propane, so we headed out to a nice spot we had passed on our way to town and spent the night and headed back for propane in the morning. Then we were off to our last camp of the trip was another canyon view.