More Fuel?

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Extremely remote adventure that extends well beyond the capable fuel range of your Overlanding vehicle requires auxiliary fuel sources outside of your vehicles tank capacity.

Traditionally, off-roaders will carry 5 gallon red  metal fuel “Jerry Cans” or plastic fuel containers. These traditional methods aren’t always the best when it comes to carrying them on a roof rack or on a rear bumper/tire carrier. A solution approach should consider the size and shape, storage location, access, container durability, weight distribution on the vehicles, security as well as the fuel transfer method.

Our AEV Jeep’s Rear Tire Carrier allowed us to add an integrated 10.5  gallon auxiliary fuel tank uniquely behind the spare tire. Fuel is easily added during normal fill-ups without need of detaching the tank. Fuel transfer is easily accomplished by the supplied siphon “shake to start” hose.  This option provides us with a convenient secure and well placed addition to provide 32 gallons of fuel capacity on the vehicle.

AEV 10305031AA 10 Gallon “Gasoline” Fuel Caddy in Black for 2007-18 Jeep Wrangler JK with AEV Rear Bumper

Need even more fuel? Additional fuel capacity beyond what our Jeep can easily carry for our adventures is also required due to the remote 4×4 Overlanding routes and locations we are in pursuit of. Our CVT 4×4 Overlanding trailer would need to carry this additional load. The trailer’s tall-rack that supports our CVT tent has some integrated mounting locations for additional tanks.

After researching the most common and popular auxiliary modular fuel tanks we determined we could carry two single 8 gallon tanks. The tall-rack accessory plating would facilitate our ability to mount and lock horizontally each tank to the outside rear of the rack. We selected the larger modular tanks because of capacity, price, build durability and mounting features.

For extra security on your tanks, we recommend good locks for your tanks. These are specifically for the 8 gallon tanks.

Fuel transfer is easily be accomplished by a GasTapper 12V MAX Electric 12 Volt Gasoline/Diesel Transfer Pump. No need to remove the tanks from their securely mounted positions with this pump. This solution eliminates the need to remove heavy eight gallon tanks to manually refill the Jeep when required and quickly transfer fuel as needed.

Update: We tested the set up on 2 separate multi-week adventures in 2020 and were extremely satisfied with this set up. We are definitely looking forward to more trips and were very impressed with the strength of the 8 gallon tanks.