We’re here

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We left Tex’s river ways at about 9:00 yesterday morning. It rained most of our way out from Denver on Wednesday. We were the only ones on our shuttle to the river and Mike told us of some neat places to check out.

We got to mineral bottom about 10:30 and were on the river at 11:30. The current was faster than normal for this time of year due to the high run off and the river is up about 1.5 feet from it’s normal level. This made unloading much easier since this camp is up a cliff wall from the river. Most people pass this spot because they go river left and are past it when they can see the trees.

We made it to camp about 3:00 and enjoyed the cooler temperature due to the heavy clouds. There are more bugs this year due to standing water in the lower lying areas.

We put our table an chairs up by my favorite rock overlooking camp and what we consider to be one of the best views on the river. Ray cooked steaks and mashed potatoes for dinner and we had blood orange margaritas to celebrate being here. We enjoyed the stars before heading off the sleep.

This morning the sun is out but there is a nice breeze. Since there are so many bugs under the trees, Ray used out large sand-free tarp to create a shade structure for us to sit under.

We had a chorizo omelet with cheese and green onions for breakfast and we are now hanging out and taking photos and reading.

We watched a beaver swim up the river this morning. We saw him here before a few years ago but not as closely as we did today. He swam right by the canoe along the bank and up river for about 100 yards before turning around with a branch and heading back down river.

Location: Camp 1 – Green River